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  • Lily St, East Legon, Accra, Ghana

Our Vision

To enrich lives and creating an environment where every individual has access to basic human needs, quality education, medical care, and an effortless reason to smile irrespective of their social and economic background.


Our Mission

The mission of Renel Ghana Foundation is to provide every deprived individual and community with the necessary tools to attain quality education, medical care and basic human needs.

RGF carries out its Mission by:

1. Policy formulation and influencing government policies aimed at human development.

2. Supporting a studies program that fosters independent research, enabling RGF to produce articles, reports and books and hold roundtables that analyze human development, human issues and make concrete policy recommendations.

3. Grassroots development initiatives.

4. Developing tailor-made social intervention programmes..


Our Core Values

1. Respect for human dignity and social justice.

2. Improve social cohesion and solidarity among Individuals of all faith in Ghana and beyond.


Our Objectives:

1. To raise awareness on topics related to basic human needs, quality education, and medical care.

2. To decrease the social discrimination against people living in impoverished communities.

3. To raise awareness and increase knowledge about facts, scientific research, global agreements and documents concerning the effectiveness of social intervention programs.

4. To gather passionate individuals committed to assisting derived individuals through social intervention programs that cuts across support for basic human needs, healthcare and education.

5. To advocate for policies that supports for basic human needs, healthcare, social intervention and education.

6. To collaborate and facilitate joint actions in areas related to basic human needs, healthcare, social intervention and education.

7. To provide tools for capacity building for individuals in deprived communities in terms of education, medical care and basic needs.