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In this program, volunteers with medical and healthcare skills use and increase those skills by providing care for disadvantaged Ghanaians at local community hospitals. Volunteers will experience conditions not normally found in Europe and North America. Disease such as malaria and typhoid are seen on an almost daily basis.
As a medical student or a nurse, your willingness to serve as an aid worker in locations lacking healthcare personnel can make a tremendous difference in the lives of others. Volunteer opportunities allow you to spend time in a variety of different departments within a hospital:
Accident and Emergency
Many Ghanaian healthcare personnel have moved to developed countries, leaving a gap between supply and demand in medical services. Medical student volunteer healthcare programs bring badly needed services and knowledge to hospitals and clinics in Ghana. Too often, people die of illness and diseases that is easily preventable with even simple medical care. Your volunteer time will help bridge this gap. A Day in the Life Medical outreach project duties may include providing health education, taking patient histories, consulting, or patient treatment. Hospital and clinic placement duties include observation and help in the OPD, consultation room, or with laboratory assistance. Requirements Healthcare experience