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Volunteering as a family abroad gives each member an opportunity to learn in a new country. When including their children, parents instill a sense of community responsibility by turning outreach activities into family time together. Teenagers discover talents, develop skills, and learn about cooperation and problem solving. Everyone in the family has a chance to contribute and make a difference as a family volunteer abroad.
Disaster Volunteers of Ghana (Springboard Afrika) develops short and long term volunteer programs for families on vacation in rural communities that encourage people to give back in unique ways and immerse themselves in the host communities by participating in renewable, sustainable programs. Springboard Afrika's financial assistance benefits communities economically, but it is the involvement and collaboration between the individual volunteers and their community that is the greatest mutual benefit.
A Day in the Life
Depending on the program chosen, family volunteers abroad will have a variety of experiences. Work at an orphanage with needy children, help build a school, or teach English in a rural community. Whatever your family chooses, Springboard Afrika will help make sure the experience is unforgettable. Review our volunteer programs to get ideas about which project might be best for your family. You may want to enhance your family's volunteer experience by bundling your volunteer program with one of Springboard Afrika's adventure tours or cultural lessons.